Hanover Horton Quad at Quincy.  [White Pigeon, Concord, Quincy and Hanover.]  Comets wrestled Concord first.  David (#126) won by first period pin.  Double void at 132, Gavin bumped up to wrestle 138.  He wrestled tough, but fell a little short, losing 5-8.  Danni took a void, along with Josh, Tucker and Reed.  Gaven bumped up to HWT and won by a pin.  Concord to a void at 106, a double void at 113 and AJ took a void at 120.  Comets win 42-9.  Comets finished the night wrestling Quincy.  This time we started at 132#.  Gavin went up against a beast and was pinned in the first period.  Danni returned the favor with a second period pin.  We voided the next two weights.  Josh wrestled quick and got the pin.  Tucker took a void then we voided the next two weights.  Reed wrestled good, but lost, 5-12.  Teller bumped up to hwt, put stood up on the whistle and was taken right to his back.  Double void at 106.  We voided 113.  The Fielder boys ended the night, with both pinning their opponents.