It was a great team effort as the Warrior took down Homer 30-0. They won 1st Baker 191 to 159 and 2nd Baker 159 to 132. In individual match play the Warriors only missed 9 makebles in 100 shots and won all of there match points. They had a season high team game of 1060 and added 1020 for a huge 2080 set. πŸ™‚ It was Brice Sandoval with the hot hand rolling games of 236 and 223 for huge 459 set. He got great help from his teamamates with Max Shafran shooting games of 202 and 226 for a great 428 set, Cayden DeWitt shooting games of 225(clean game) and 183 for a very good 408 set, Frank Bednarski shooting games of 204 and 201 for a very good 405 set, Brayden DeWitt was removed in 7th frame of first game with injury so it was a combo game of 193 with Tanner Fournier, Tanner shot a nice 187 game. Some very good team bowling!!
The JV team won 26 to 4. They won 1st Baker game 178 to 119 and won 2nd Baker game 151 to 116, they won 1st team game 794 to 672 and it took a 4 bagger in the 9th and 10th from Dakotak Thomas to pull out 2nd game 722 to 713. πŸ™‚ Manny Shafran led the team for the Warriors with a huge 209 game and a very good 357 set. Dokata Thomas had games of 147 and 186 for a very good 339 set. 1st year Brennan Brown bowled a  season high game of 181 and a  296 set, Tyler Paul had games of 142 and 147 for a nice 289 set and Elijah Maitland had games of 115 and 126 for a 241 set. 
JV 2 team only got to bowl one game and the all were very good games. Ben Eros had a 125, 1st year Mason Busch had a 124, 1st year Seth Swank had a 120, 1st year Brandon Macomber had a 120 and Jimmy Miller had a 97. Good bowling.
Next matches are this Saturday starting at 10am at University Lanes, up 1st is Jonesville and then Quincy.