Quincy 4, Michigan Center 0

Abbie Hess had 12 saves for the Cardinals.


Addison 15-19, Vandercook Lake 0-0

Addison’s Isabelle Patterson pitched a three-inning no-hitter in the first game. The Panthers put up 15 runs on eight hits and nine walks.  Mae Patterson and Alisha Gahn had two doubles and Emily Wright and Isabelle Patterson hit triples. Gahn had three hits in all.

In game two, Gahn threw the shutout while Patterson hit a homerun, one of 12 Panther hits.

Grass Lake 15-19, Michigan Center 0-0

The Warriors swept the league doubleheader Wednesday.

Hanover Horton 12-19, East Jackson 1-2

The Comets swept the Cascades Conference doubleheader Wednesday. Savanna Curley struck out six in the opener for East Jackson. Curey, Uyttenhove, Kerley and Boatright each